This workshop will be the third workshop in a successful series of EC-TEL workshops. It is a direct follow-up to last year’s ECTEL workshop ARTEL 2012, which featured 11 publications and gained a lot of attention (about 35 participants) by the EC-TEL audience. The workshop resulted in rich feedback and new ideas for awareness and reflection in TEL, which will be taken on in the 2013 edition. The series is based on the 2011 ARNETS11 (Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks) and ALECR11 (Augmenting the Learning Experience with Collaborative Reflection) workshops. The discussions and feedback from these three workshops encourages us to hold ARTEL 2013 as part of an evolving series of workshops on awareness and reflection in TEL.

The objective of this workshop is to sustain the field of research and development on awareness and reflection in TEL and to create and agenda for future work on these topics. Therefore, the workshop will

  1. provide a forum for presenting and discussing research on awareness and reflection in TEL,
  2. create an interactive experience that connects participants’ research, current tools or latest prototypes and models with real end users’ learning experiences and needs regarding reflection technology and
  3. result in an agenda for future ARTEL research and development.

With respect to [1], the organisers will issue a Call for Papers inviting research contributions and demos (see paper section 2 for paper categories and section 5 for topics). With respect to [2], the organizing committee will prepare an interesting mixture of theoretical and practical contributions to the workshop and ask participants to actively engage in discussions on current and future directions for research. The workshop format will thus be a mixture of paper and demo presentations, and a final session (part 4), in which we will link theory and existing prototypes (both from the involved projects and from the presented papers and demos) to practical needs in educational and professional settings (research agenda). This link is expected to be of value to both practitioners (in that research insights become more tangible), and to researchers (in that insights and research prototypes become grounded in practice. There will be a overall narrative trajectory throughout the day moving from theory at the beginning of the workshop to pragmatic implementations at the close.

ARTEL 2013 is targeted at research and development on awareness and reflection in TEL across disciplines (psychology, educational science, computer science) and across European TEL projects (MIRROR, ImREAL and others as co-organising projects). The target audience of ARTEL 2013 are researchers and practitioners in the field of TEL.


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